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DNK Growers believes we should all live the "Best Life Ever" and so should our premium cannabis. We take the approach to provide some of the best genetics in the industry with a top tier nutrient program, pampering along every step with a state of the art environment to provide the optimal growing conditions. Just think, taking the best of the best and providing the optimal place to flourish and achieving its greatest potential. What we like to think, giving our cannabis its own "Best Life Ever". Our philosophy is to provide our customers with quality over quantity. DNK Growers focuses less on the number of cannabis plants we grow and more on the quality of product produced. The Grow Facility rotates weekly through a  plant inventory to ensure consistency of the grow cycle and allow individual attention to every plant produced. From staging CO2 intake through the grow cycle to playing spa and classical music during feedings, every part the plants life is designed for luxury. The end result of all these efforts is some of the best premium cannabis in the industry. Please enjoy the DNK products and start living the Best Life Ever yourself!!!       

Locally Owned and Operated in Lansing, MI


Green Environment

DNK Growers utilizes new green technologies to reduce carbon footprint while still providing the optimal growing conditions.  


Premium Genetics

We have sourced some of the best genetics in cannabis industry to provide the lineage of premium cannabis provided by DNK Growers. 


Tender Love & Care

The best things in life usually result from the attention to every detail. DNK Growers gives each plant individual pampering to achieve its optimal potential

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